About Us

The faces might all look familiar but there is a compelling difference.

Chris Nicolaides.

We are delighted to announce that Chris returns to the AMS fold as one of the company Principals.

When strengthening your team there is no better way of reinforcing the strong principles that underpins AMS Acoustics than the reinstatement of a well-seasoned professional.

Headhunted and tempted away into the wider world of commerce Chris came to realise that the AMS approach offered a level of fulfilment within electro acoustics unmatched by multidisciplinary companies.

At the same time he has gained the admiration and respect for such organisations. Chris was able to draw the distinction between their wider role and where AMS works within a wholly complementary capacity.

With Chris's renewed vision it is quite clear where AMS's formidable team offers an unrivalled added dimension to the electro acoustics market. Collectively the company now has a team that offers distinctive benefits along with proven in house support facilities.

Helen and Tony are equally pleased to recapture the services of a fellow professional whilst Ed perhaps takes a more benign view.

Meanwhile AMS is revving up towards its third decade and beyond!


Helen Goddard

Chris Nicolaides

Ed The Head