About Us


A wide range of the work AMS carry out could include using an acoustic model at some stage. We can create CAD based models of any area to calculate and predict a wide range of acoustical parameters including; reverberation time, loudspeaker coverage, RASTI, and STI. 

Royal Courts of Justice

Our models often form the basis of our designs and predictions. They are used in conjunction with our proprietary STI predicting engine to provide an infinitely flexible solution to a variety of acoustic challenges. 

Arsenal Emirates Stadium

In a process called auralisation, real sounds can be played into the models of environments that may not yet exist, to allow ourselves and our clients to preview how a particular space or a complete system will sound. 


AMS has extensive experience in creating detailed and functional models of challenging acoustic areas, as can be seen in the renders on this page. The majority of our modelling is undertaken using the Catt-Acoustics package, but we can also model using EASE, Odeon and Ulysses.