About Us

Noise nuisance is a common problem, one that AMS is familiar with and has extensive experience dealing with on behalf of both the complaint and perpetrator of the nuisance. We can liaise with Environmental Health Officers to ensure that the Local Authority Guidelines are satisfied and noise nuisances are resolved. In the case of industrial and commercial premises the investigation and survey is carried out in accordance with BS 4142. 

We can undertake noise impact studies, taking background noise measurements or predicting them for proposed developments such as theatres, places of entertainment, supermarkets, shopping centres, transportation depots and leisure centres, etc. 

AMS Acoustics also has experience with planning applications such as PPG24, as well as carrying out detailed noise studies for contractors, consultants, the main client, or the Local Authority on all sizes of construction projects 

The environmental noise impact of road and rail schemes can be calculated using suitable accredited algorithms. AMS Acoustics has several computer models at its disposal. Calculations are undertaken to determine noise insulation requirements for dwellings adjacent to transportation systems 

AMS Acoustics has ‘competent person’ status from this IOA in Environment Noise Measurement.