About Us

The control of noise is an important factor in reducing noise exposure and nuisance. It is also a factor in providing acceptable living and working conditions. Air handling and ventilation systems are a common noise source. In this regard it is possible for AMS to design or specify attenuators to reduce the noise output of air-handling equipment. 

AMS Acoustics can carry out both airborne and impact noise measurements in accordance with the Building Regulations 2000. We can also offer advice and recommendations to increase the attenuation of failing transmission paths in accordance with the Building Regulations 2000. 

We can also measure the absorption coefficients of materials. For more details please contact us. The method we use requires only a small sample of the material and various mounting methods may be investigated. 


The Health and Safety Executive issue regulations for the exposure of persons to noise at work. AMS Acoustics carry the accreditation to work with you to carry out the necessary works to help you operate inline with the appropriate regulations. 

Occupational noise exposure falls into two distinct categories; Industrial/Commercial and Entertainment. For both scenarios AMS have the expertise to determine or predict the noise exposure of employees and suggest measure that can be introduced to ensure noise exposure is in accordance with HSE guidelines.

AMS Acoustics has ‘competent person’ status from the IOA for noise in the workplace assessment.